If You Can’t Buy It….Make It

I am not the fanciest clad gurl in town. My daily uniform consists of  jeans, hoodies, cardigans, multiple layers of  tops (I freeze at 70 degrees), tall boots or high top sneaks. To sass up my American Apparelish uniform I add vintage scarves, random bracelets and lip gloss, yes lip gloss.  I wanted add some neck flair to my uniform but couldn’t go out and buy the ones I really wanted.  What’s a girl to do? Get ta makin’… Below are some designer pieces that caught my eye…and below that are the pieces I made using components from necklaces I already owned, fancy yarn, feathers and a swatch of leather from a thrifted jacket.

Betsey Johnson $38

Harajuku Lovers $98

House of Harlow $80

MadeByDiana $0

MadeByDiana $0

Car Crazzzzay

Car Talk: Boston brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi  make car talk hilar! Check out their radio show! Click and Clack, ya”ll!

Car Coat: Yes more trench rather than car, loves this Burberry kids jacket!

Car Purse: Delightful clutches by Kim White. She uses vintage automotive fabrics.

Shredding in My Head

All I can do and think about is shredding an old T-shirt of mine. I enjoy the process and the tedious acts needed to make the knit come apart. Having to find the “right” thread, tugging gently at first and then pulling until the thread unravels and tells you when to stop. As chaotic as the final product seems to look, the process soothes all anxiety and noise around me.


Childhood Flames 


Black Luna Vintage blogged here