Shop Update…Mushrooms and Necklaces

Here is  a practice shot from this mornings mushroom and necklace photo shoot. To  create my seamless backdrop I used items we had laying around the house: poster board, small binder clips, twist ties, and a clothing hang rack. I have been flirting with jewelry making, specifically necklaces, there is an amazing amount of instant gratification when making jewelry. This little mixed madness will be the first necklace to join the My Little Fingers family. I will also be adding more mushroom ornaments and SALE mini-pillows to the shop.

Put A Bird On It

BIG THANKS to Mindy of iHeartShade for including Francis Persnickety in her bird themed treasury.  Mindy creates one of a kind pendants made with glass, metal, wax, organic materials and of course love! iHeartShade will be donating 20% of her sales to the Autism Research Institute in honor of April being Autism Awareness month.  My favorites are these two, they remind me of Brach’s coconut neapolitans we used to eat as kiddies.

In the Studio

A few weeks ago a dear friend of mine, Gio, asked if I was interested in donating a little something-something for a silent auction he is helping to put together for SIPA-Search to Involve Pilipino Americans. Right away I knew I wanted to make a piece of jewelry. In college I took an upper divisional elective in jewelry making…I think it was called Applied Metals to Apparel Design. The school was not equip to handle welding or soldering,  so we used different methods of bonding and connecting materials together = rivets, toxic adhesive, sanding, etc.  I spent many, many hours sanding and cutting out this pinky ring out of plexi glass  and copper coins using an itty bitty saw with finest little teeth.  No ring for Gio Over the years I have collected quite a bit of jewelry making components, after some digging in the Vault of Craftacularness I was happy to find some really great stones and wooden beads.  Here’s what I came up with. I will be donating the gold/light blue one on the left. The other two I might keep for myself or post in the shop…stay tuned.