Mayor offended by transport committees highway callout

The TTC will not tolerate such comments, spokeswoman Liz Dresser-Baggett told The Star Thursday.

“We do not tolerate comments such as the one made recently by a transit commission member to the city’s transportation committees,” Dresser-Baggett said.

“I think he has a right to speak his mind and if he believes, as he does, that there are concerns that this system is not up to par, then that is his right.”

She added that the TTC is aware of Mr. O’Connor’s remarks and is looking into them.

Mr. O’Connor responded by saying he has made his point.

“What happened to the system? The system did its job. It was up to them to fix it.”

Mr. O’Connor is on the TTC’s board of advisers, and said it is important that his experience is respected.

“I get into transportation issues only when I am making decisions related to TTC services. It is just as important as making decisions related to all other aspects of my life, which include politics.”

But some councillors have expressed concerns that some of the comments made may be offensive.

In her response to Mr. O’Connor’s comments, Dresser-Baggett noted there were not as many complaints about the 바카라system as the previous decade.

She noted it is still the case that the TTC’s operations are less than stellar, especially in light of the recent budget. It is a system which is growing in popularity.

Councillor Gord Perks said this week that he will not be attending Wednesday’s meeting of the Toronto Transit Commission’s transportation committees.

“I’m disappointed that one person took offense at comments I made last week,” Mr. Perks said.

When asked if he would meet with Mr. O’Connor as well, Mayor John Tory said he would “have to do a lot more to make sure he comes here.”

During Question Period on Thursday morning, Mr. Tory also suggested that there are people who have been waiting decades for a more convenient system.

“Some of these issues that people are having are not just about getting out, they’re about getting around,” the mayor said.

“They’re abou더킹카지노t getting to where they need to go. And as I hear from people, they’re frustrated because their travel time is getting longer.”

—Wit바카라사이트h files from The Canadian Press