I was having difficulty getting to sleep the other night, which is totally not my deal. Typically, as soon as my head hits the pillow I am OUT! until my husband waves a cup of coffee under my nose 70-480 the next morning. So on this evening of no sleeping I hopped on the computer to get some work done. Per usu(al) personal email, work email, FB, Twitter, blogs I stalk are checked even before Illustrator is opened…during 300-209 my IN-TER-NET-ING (robot voice) I stumbled upon the site of Loretta Lux.  I was searching for cute/girls dresses/vintage (I can fit into kids clothes and many times girls dresses fit me a littlewindowslearner better then grown folk clothes.)  Loretta Lux is a fine art photographer windowslearner.com and painter, she digitally enhances her photos creating hauntingly sweet images.  I enjoy the CCA-500 spookiness 2V0-621D and delicate nature of her 70-243 works. The expressions on these pretty angels look like they plan on haunting you in your sleep. P.S. The clothes on these little ladies are on my wish/make list. 210-451

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