Fitness Diary

Yesterday I started my “fitness journey”. I met with my amazingly inspiring trainer. We worked on upper body and core strength. One of my daily assignments is to document my daily food intake.  Obviously I need more greens in my regular. 



Garden Gear

Over the last year and a half Erin and I have been working hard to convert our backyard into an outdoor kitchen/living space and the front yard into a mini-farm.  We have been documenting the process over at Reluctant Homeowner. I did not realize how much I would enjoy caring for a garden, digging dirt, pulling weeds and raking! I love raking, it reminds of shoveling snow back in Chicago.  I don’t mind working in the rain, getting dirt on my face, transplanting plants multiple times, digging for hours…I’m a trooper, a team player, in it to Win It kind of gal. The only thing that bugs me about all this is how awkward and fugly the clothes I wear  for yard work are. To correct this situation I have designed a small collection of gardening gear that satisfies my need for comfort, function, and fashion. Below is a quick little peek into the collection.

Playsuits & Jumpsuits

The last time I wore a jumpsuit in public was in the late 80’s. I clearly remember that glorious Contempo Casuals beauty: boxy fit, red with a yellow/orange/purple ditzy print, flat brass buttons along center front, armholes cut way to low. I loved it and so did my sisters, back then we didn’t mind  the saggy bottom, dump-in-the-trunk look.  Below are a few play-jumpsuits I wouldn’t mind owning, I love the illusion of a complete outfit. Paul & Joe Sister, TBA, Opening Ceremony

Loretta Lux

I was having difficulty getting to sleep the other night, which is totally not my deal. Typically, as soon as my head hits the pillow I am OUT! until my husband waves a cup of coffee under my nose the next morning. So on this evening of no sleeping I hopped on the computer to get some work done. Per usu(al) personal email, work email, FB, Twitter, blogs I stalk are checked even before Illustrator is opened…during my IN-TER-NET-ING (robot voice) I stumbled upon the site of Loretta Lux.  I was searching for cute/girls dresses/vintage (I can fit into kids clothes and many times girls dresses fit me a little better then grown folk clothes.)  Loretta Lux is a fine art photographer and painter, she digitally enhances her photos creating hauntingly sweet images.  I enjoy the spookiness and delicate nature of her works. The expressions on these pretty angels look like they plan on haunting you in your sleep. P.S. The clothes on these little ladies are on my wish/make list.